Safety Committee

AFNS Safety Committees


AFNS Safety Committee

The Department of AFNS Safety Committee is composed of representatives from AFNS Faculty, Lab Managers, technologists from Ag/For building and representatives from Li Ka Shing and South Academic Building.

Membership includes the following representatives:

  • Dr. Urmila Basu : Committee Chair, Genomics Unit and Radiation Safety
  • Dr. Lynn McMullen : Biosafety
  • Dr. Kelvin Lien : WHMIS/Fire Safety
  • Heather Vandertol-Vanier : Biosafety
  • Kelley Dunfield : Plant Biosafety
  • Ereddad Kharraz : Representative from SAB
  • Stephanie Ramage: Representative from Li Ka Shing

The Safety committee has the following responsibilities:

a) Ensure that the Department adheres to the regulations and guidelines as set out by Department of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) in the following areas: WHMIS, biohazards, fire safety, small chemical spills, radioisotopes, and transportation of dangerous goods.

b) Act as a resource for safety concerns at EHS.

c) Provide safety and regulatory compliance requirement information received from the University Safety committees to the Department.

d) Provide an ongoing safety education program for the staff and students of the Department. 

Department Safety Information Seminar

All new staff and students are encouraged to attend Safety Information Seminar offered by Dr. Urmila Basu in the beginning of fall, winter or spring/summer terms. Subsequent to the general Laboratory Safety training sessions, researchers may need to take specialized safety training depending on the nature of their work. These specialty trainings are listed below. In addition, all laboratory personnel must complete the Unit-specific, Lab-Specific and Task-specific training, provided by the Principal Investigator (PI) or their designee.

Lab Inspections

Regular safety inspections of the Agriculture-Forestry Centre laboratories are conducted, which are coordinated by the On-Campus Safety Committee Chair. Sites off the main campus determine their own safety inspection frequency and format. The Safety Committee also provides support to all the labs in complying with safety requirements as suggested by EHS (For Lab inspection checklist, see Forms and Manuals).

Safety of Facilities

  • All new students and staff can contact Holly Horvath (780-492-2131, AF 4-10) for keys to the lab and office areas in Agriculture/Forestry Building.
  • Whenever there is no one left in a lab or other restricted area, doors should be closed and locked (if you are not sure if there is anyone in the area, lock the doors.
  • Hallway doors accessing Ag/For Centre lab areas are locked from ~5:00 pm to ~8:00 am on regular working days, and all day otherwise, including weekends. North stairway doors, except for the 1st floor, are locked 24 hours every day.


Janes Goller (Chair) 
Swine Unit 
(780) 492-7688 

Craig Wilkinson 
Director of Animal Care 
(780) 492-2934 

Nigel Davidson 
Poultry Unit 
(780) 492-7694 

Vern Erickson 
Kinsella & Ministik Units 
(780) 336-3528 

Clint Lysgaard 
Metabolic Unit & Feed Mill 
(780) 492-7668 

Paul Hansen 
Compost Unit 
(780) 492-6993 

Dairy Unit 

Crops Unit 

John Bell, Ex-Officio 
Assistant Chair, Admin, AFNS 
(780) 248-1907 

JoAnne Seglie, Ex-Officio 
Environmental Heath & Safety 
(780) 492-5378 

TBA, Ex-Officio 
Admin Support