Chemical Safety

Persons working with chemicals must be familiar with the associated hazards and safe handling precautions. EHS offers a course on the safe use, handling, storage, and disposal of chemicals; more information can be found from the here.


Chemical Safety: Ten Basic Rules

1. Know the hazards of chemicals in use. Consult the MSDS/SDS.

2. Label all chemicals containers properly with identity and hazards.

3. Use PPE while handling hazardous chemicals.

4. Work with volatile and hazardous chemicals in a fume hood.

5. Store flammables in flammable storage cabinets.

6. Do not work alone with hazardous chemicals.

7. Maintain clear access to exits, showers and eyewashes.

8. Keep work areas free of clutter and chemicals off the floor.

9. Wash skin promptly if chemical comes in contact with skin.

10. Do not eat, drink or apply cosmetics in the lab.


Disposal of hazardous waste must be conducted through the U of A Hazardous Waste Management Program.

Material Safety Data Sheet Sources

It is a Canadian regulation that an MSDS must have been created or revised within the past 3 years (that is not the case in the USA). Also, every effort should be made to obtain an MSDS which meets Canadian content standards.