Working Alone

Research or other tasks may require students or staff to be present outside normal hours and should be done under the approval of the supervisor. If you are alone, e.g. in a lab, take precautions to minimize risk include notifying your supervisor and/or others in the vicinity.


  • Safewalk provides a safe alternative to walking alone at night around the campus.
  • It is free of charge and any member of the university community-undergrads, graduate students, staff, and faculty, can avail Safewalk.
  • Office: 0-81 SUB U of A Students’ Union; Call 492-5563 (4-WALK-ME).
  • Hours during which Walks are available : 7:00 pm-12:45 am (-10.45 pm Sunday) Winter 6:00 pm-12:45 am (-10.45 pm Sunday). Closed holidays and long weekends.

Unattended Experiments

  • Unattended experiments, which could pose a safety hazard should a problem occur, especially outside of normal working hours, must be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Before an experiment is left unattended, take precautions to prevent spills, ‘floods’ or fires in case of mechanical power or water failure.
  • Secure water and vacuum hoses with a band clamp (not ‘wire’) on each connection, and make sure water outlet tubing is securely inserted into sink drains to a depth of at least 12” (~30 cm).
  • Use tygon or polypropylene (not ‘rubber’) tubing for all water flow.
  • A reaction mixture must be clearly identified, and clear written instructions should be left outlining handling procedures in case an emergency shutdown is required or other problems occur.

Working off Campus

If you work at a facility off of the main campus, e.g. South Campus, Kinsella or experimental stations, consult with the Unit Manager or other appropriate personnel for all required site-specific safety information and training (operation of machinery, working with animals, working with herbicides or pesticides, etc.).